Family tree-access for guests

Dear guest,

you’ll find all deceased persons without any protection of data privacy and who are older than 130 years in the family tree anverwandte.
The welcome page shows temporal information, statistics and the most common first and family names within this family tree. Further symbols will lead you to further possibilities in order to be able to explore the family tree.

Please enjoy the exploration of this family tree anverwandte and of your ancestors. Maybe you’ll be able to enlarge your own family tree and to complete it. In this regard, please note the following: In case you have any data or attachments that are missing in the family tree anverwandte, I would be very glad, if you share them with me. Of course, you may add the missing information of your ancestors yourself to the family tree. The requirements and the registration steps are explained on this page.

In case you are using data of this family tree, please keep in mind to indicate their origin and to respect the copy right.